Grammar for parsing contents of a jar file

Version 3

    The attached grammar parses jar files using the ‘jar tvf’ command. It is best used in an extended object, which will run the jar command (jar tvf) on a war, ear or jar file. The grammar displays files and their timestamps and file sizes, and can be used for live browsing, snapshots, and audit.


    First save the grammar to the app server and insert the appropriate entries into the database so that the grammar will appear in the list of available grammars. Use a name of "Jar Grammar".


    To create the extended object:

    Open Tools-->Extended Object Administration

    Click the “+” icon:

    Command: jar tvf

    Grammar: Jar Grammar


    For example: /java/bin/jar.exe tvf c:/test/javaws.jar


    Note: The jar binary should be in your path or you must fully qualify the path to the binary (as was done in the example).