Added a new field in SYS:Notification Message but the value is not getting populated, custom values in notifications still come back with # sign

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    Remedy AR System Server


    BMC Remedy AR System Server



    Added field a new in SYS:Notification Message for Incident Group assignemnt but not getting the value populated



    We tried to modify the SYS:Notification Messages form for Incident Group Assignment notification.

    Below is the message

    Incident #Incident Number# has been assigned to your group '#Assigned Group#'.
    Service Type: #Service Type#
    CI Name: #HPD_CI#
    Priority: #Priority#
    Summary: #Description#
    Notes: #Detailed Description#

    In this message we added HPD_CI field, but cannot see the value populated. The notification email gets all other fields translated correctly but newly added field is showing as #HPD_CI# instead of the actual field value.

    We added this field into form SYS:Form Field Selection with Selection Type = "Notification Message Selection" and then we added the field into the message in SYS:Notification Messages form from the drop down list.





    Legacy ID:KA404477


    Here are the steps for ARS 8.1 but the same has been tested in 9.1.x versions.

    Open Developer Studio and perform following steps:

    1. If this is a custom field; add the custom field to NTE:SYS-NT Process Control form. If this is an OOTB field, then skip this step since the OOTB should be present in this form already.
    2. Update the "Push Field" action in filter HPD:INC:NotificationGenerator_899_PNPC`! to add the mapping for the field.
    3. Add a "Set Fields" action in any of the following 3 filters:


    NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageINC3_606 (if you add Set Fields action here, make the action before Exit Guide action)


    4. Save the changes.




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