CLM: Error "The requested plug-in "OptionsDataVisualizationModule" does not exist in the list of Data Visualization Module Server(s) in the BMC Remedy Mid Tier Configuration Tool" in BMC Cloud Administration Console

Version 5
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    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.0 or higher



    The following error is received in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) Administration Console:

    ARERR [9391] The requested plug-in "OptionsDataVisualizationModule" does not exist in the list of Data Visualization Module Server(s) in the BMC Remedy Mid Tier Configuration Tool.


    What are the basic steps to troubleshoot this issue?




    Legacy ID:KA357910


    This problem is usually seen due to Midtier cache corruption or when the Atrium UI components are not loaded properly. In order to troubleshoot this problem, please follow the below mentioned steps:


    Performing a manual clean up of Midtier Cache:

    1. Stop the Tomcat services from Midtier machine
    3. Login to the MidTier machine and delete the contents of the following directories:
    • ARSystem\midtier\cache
    • ARSystem\midtier\PluginsCache
    • ARSystem\midtier\dvmodule
    • ARSystem\midtier\WEB-INF\atriumDeploymentPackages
    • ARSystem\midtier\WEB-INF\AtriumWidget
    • ARSystem\midtier\WEB-INF\AtriumWidget-7604
    • FILES TO DELETE: ARSystem/midtier/WEB-INF/lib/atrium-*
    1. Clear out the contents of the 'work', 'temp' folders inside "....\...\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat X.X\" 
    3. Clear out the contents of the 'cache', 'cachetemp', 'attstore' and folders present inside the Mid-Tier folder.
    5. Delete 'viewStats.dat' and 'viewStats.dat.bak' from <Mid-Tier folder>\WEB-INF\Classes
    7. Start the Tomcat (Jsp Engine) Service.

    Log back into the CLM Administration Console and try again (Note: Since the cache is built up on the first login after Midtier cache is deleted, the Console may seem to be slow for the first time however the response will improve with subsequent logins afterwards). If this still does not help in resolving the problem, please perform the below mentioned steps to troubleshoot the issue further:


    Reloading the Atrium UI Components:

    1. Stop midtier (tomcat service)
    3. Open the form "Data Visualization Module" using Remedy User tool.
    5. Lookup for record with ModuleName - "AtriumWidget"
    7. Save the attachment with file name "atrium-widget.jar" in the Module Code*. The JAR file can be saved to a local disk. Delete the jar file in the form record.
    9. Add to Module Code* attachment "atrium-widget.jar" file which was copied to the disk. Consequently we can also upload the atrium-widget.jar file from <AtriumCore Installation Directory> \cmdb\en\workflow\DataVisualizationModule directory.
    11. Perform the Step 2 under the section Performing a manual clean up of Midtier Cache to manually clear the Midtier cache contents from the Midtier machine
    13. Start midtier (tomcat service)

    Note: Check the disk space on MidTier and Enterprise AR server too which can trigger this exception.


    Log back into the CLM Administration Console to check. If the issue persists, please contact BMC Customer Support ( for further assistance

       Additional information: Refer to   How to Videos - Cloud Lifecycle Management playlist created by BMC Customer Support 

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