Delays in Email Notifications

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    Remedy AR System Server


    BMC Remedy AR System Server



    Email notifications are not working or delays in email notifications and emails are not going out




    Legacy ID:KA364858


    Here are few points to improve the performance of the Notifications in general:


    1. How many records are present in the following forms and if huge number of records are present then need to either archive them or delete them.


    AR System Email Messages
    AR System Email Error Logs
    AR System Email Attachments
    NTE:SYS-NT Process Control form


    2. Whether email are going out through AR System Email Messages form or not. If yes, need to work on the following escalations and run them on separate pools from configured one. Steps are given as below.

    a. There are 3 escalations which trigger and do the notification job


    b. First go ahead and increase the escalation threads from Server Information->Ports and Queues tab,
    Change below parameter value
    Private-RPC-Queue: 390603  1   1 
    Private-RPC-Queue: 390603  4   4
    This would be creating 4 threads/pools of escalation and click on apply after making this change.


    c. Now open the escalation SYS:NPC:ProcessHeldNotifications  and change the pool number to 2 and save the escalation, this will make sure that this escalation will be running on 2nd thread


    d. Now open the escalation SYS:NPC:TriggerGroupNotifications and change the pool number to 3 and save the escalation, this will make sure that this escalation runs on 3rd thread.


    e. Now open the escalation SYS:NPC:TriggerNonGroupNotifications and change the pool number to 4 and save the escalation, this will make sure that this escalation runs on 4th thread


    So via this, it will make sure that all the notifications are running on separate thread and it is not going to interfere in other operations activities and performance will be good too, and rest all the other escalation (apart from notifications) will be running on default pool 1. So notifications would be normal.


    3. If email engine is not able to send emails through AR System Email Messages form then need to verify the following items


    a. Check the connectivity and server names specified in file and emaild.exe or files whether they are same or have some difference like domain name is appended etc.  Server name should be same at all places i.e. either only hostname or fully qualified domain at all locations.


    b. Verify the port numbers specified and duplicate entries if any in file.  Connectivity or java issues can be identified using stderr.log or stdout.log files.


    c. If java version specified does not matches the actual location then will need to correct that as well.


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