What is the recommended way to delete the Sample/test records from Assignment configuration form

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    Remedy Change Management Application


    BMC Remedy Change Management Application



    User story:

      1. We have created some Sample/Test Assignment configuration records for ITSM Application assignment event. At moment we have completed our testing and wanted to delete some of the records so that we can only have the required records for Auto Assignment. 
      Please help us with the procedure to delete/remove the unwanted records from Assignment configuration form. 
       2. We have created sample configuration assignment records with CM and RM application on Assignment configuration form with release coordinator, change coordinator etc Event. Now we wanted to clear those records however not getting the correct way to remove those completely from system. We have also tried setting those records to "Delete", "Obsolete", and "Archive" but after several weeks they still remain there and we are unable to create a new record as it keeps saying one already exist. < This Assignment Mapping entry already exists for the specified 'Event' field, Assignment, Organization, Location, Operational Categorization and Product Categorization fields. (ARERR 1761101) > 
      ITSM 7.5.x, 7.6.x 




    Legacy ID:KA378788


    Please find below procedure to delete unwanted records from Assignment Configuration form < CFG:Assignment >

      Procedure1: From Web Session
      - Login to server with Mid tier session 
      - Open Assignment configuration form in search mode with event as 'Release Coordinator' 
      - Select the record which needs to be deleted 
      - Click on Delete button. 
      Procedure2: From User Tool Session
      - Login to server with User tool session 
      - Open Assignment configuration form in search mode with event as 'Release Coordinator' 
      - Select the record which needs to be deleted 
      - From top tool bar select, Actions ->Delete 
      Additional Notes:
      The deletion of records will not happen automatically on this form record even if the record is set with Delete status. For this a workflow [escalation] needs to be written. Since CFG:Assignment is a configuration form, it doesn't need any cleanup action. Hence you will not find any associated cleanup workflow. The cleanup actions are needed for transactional forms where the data size keeps on increasing. 
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