BMCATRIUM_NGIE000104: Failed to start NGIE job.

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    BMC Atrium Integration Engine


    BMC Atrium Integration Engine



    BMCATRIUM_NGIE000104: Failed to start NGIE job.


    Jobs could not be started from Atrium Integrator console

    Customer was unable to start jobs from the Atrium Integrator console. The carte server was verified to be running, but the following error was seen in the console:

    BMCATRIUM_NGIE000104: Failed to start NGIE job


    Checking the arjavaplugin log inside /db folder we can see the plugin was trying to reach carte server but failed with "connection refused".
    This leads to believe nothing is listening in the correct port.






    Legacy ID:KA394128


    If the AI database is remote from the AI server(ARS server) you need to make sure port 20000 is opened between the AI server and the DB. 


    Customer was having errors when trying to run the job from AI console.


    Servers are loadbalanced both in the midtier level and the remedy level.


    Only two Remedy servers can take user requests so these were the ones on which to check the plugin logs.


    ARjavaplugin.log in both.


    There was a connection refused error, indicating that arcarte service may not be running and listening.


    We first check the port number, 20001.


    We then do netstat -an | tail 20001


    Nothing listening.




    Check the task manager for any carte server. The java process was not there.


    Examine armonitor.cfg which showed no line there for arcarte server.


    The line was then copied from another server which was running carte and added it there (after changing all the server references).


    The arserver was restarted which started carte server.


    netstat -an | tail 20001 was run to ensure there was a listening port there.


    Following that, the job could be run from the console.

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