There are 1.5+ million records in SLM:RuleActionNotifier form and searches to this form have been identified during the course of troubleshooting performance issues.

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    BMC Service Level Management


    BMC Service Level Management



    During the course of analyzing logs in support of troubleshooting performance issues, it was noted that there were a significant number of SELECT statements to the table which contains the SLM:RuleActionNotifier data.

    How is this data used? What is the impact of archiving or deleting this data?




    Legacy ID:KA363473


    The is a record created in the SLM:RuleActionNotifier form from execution of an SLM milestone action to send an email notification. Unless this notification includes an ARTask attachment or a web URL, this record is historical reference only to when the action occurred. If there is an ARTask attachment or a web URL included in the email message, this record is used to open the relevant data source record associated with that notification. A data source record is defined as the incident, change, availability, asset or other record for the SLA or service target that is sending the email notification. If there is no longer any use by a user to use the ARTask or web URL in an email notification, these SLM:RuleActionNotifier records will likewise be historical reference only to when the action occurred.

    There is no out-of-box workflow that will delete or archive data in the SLM:RuleActionNotifier form when it is deemed no longer relevant. Please reference KA287438 which addresses options to delete SLM:MilestoneLogging records using escalation workflow. The same logic and procedure to delete records from SLM:RuleActionNotifier form can be used as is outlined in this partner knowledge article. Please note that delete of records from any form will require standard DBA level tasks to ensure that any indexes on the form will still be used by the database optimizer.

    Opening the ARTask attachment or selecting the web URL in an outgoing SLM email notification will initiate connection to ARServer to open the SLM:RuleActionNotifier form and search for the record associated with that attachment or web link. There will be a search to the SLM:RuleActionNotifier form the Request ID (C1) value in that ARTask or web URL . When this record is found and the SLM:RuleActionNotifier form opens, there is active link workflow - SLM:RuleActionNotifier:OnOpenOpenApplicationRequest - to initiate an open of the relevant data source record. The SLM:RuleActionNotifier record provides criteria for this action using the data defined to the the SLA_TADReferenceForm and SLA_Reference InstanceID fields. The SLM:RuleActionNotifier form itself is never visible to the user.

    Following are the critical fields on the SLM:RuleActionNotifier record involved:

    1) SLA_Reference InstanceID (C400030500)
    is the InstanceID (C179) value on the data source record (i.e., incident record)

    2) SLA_TADReferenceForm (C400030900)
    is the data source form (i.e., HPD:Help Desk)

    3) ARTask (C303029300)
    0 - ARTask attachment was included in outgoing email notification
    NULL - no ARTask attachment included in outgoing email notification

    3) WebURL (C303029400)
    0 - URL link was included in outgoing email notification
    NULL - no ARTask attachment included in outgoing email notification

    4) Create Date (C3) and Modified Date (C6)
    should be the same timestamp
    date the notification was sent

    Should the search to the SLM:RuleActionNotifier fail to find the specific data source record (i.e., incident record in HPD:Help Desk form) identified in the ARTask or web URL, the user will receive the following error on the SLM:RuleActionNotifier form:

    No matching requests (or no permission to requests) for qualification criteria. (ARWARN 1200)

    The same ARWARN 1200 error on the SLM:RuleActionNotifier form will generate when selecting an ARTask or web URL for which there is no SLM:RuleActionNotifier record corresponding to the record value in the ARTask or web URL.

    When the 'OK' from this message is selected, the SLM:RuleActionNotifier form will close and the data source form (i.e., HPD:Help Desk) will open in search mode.

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