AR System in Load-Balanced Environment - Use of the Server-Plugin-Alias parameter

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    Remedy AR System Server


    BMC Remedy AR System Server





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    When the AR System is in a load-balanced environment, meaning that there are multiple AR System servers pointing to the same database (with or without the server groups option), it is recommended to "alias" the plugins in order to improve the performance of calls from the plugin server to the AR System server.  The plugin server uses the AR System server's name as defined in the ar.cfg (UNIX: ar.conf) file in the Server-Name parameter.  In a load-balanced environment, this name resolves to the IP address of the hardware load balancer, which in turn directs the call to one of the AR System servers in the group.   Since each server has a plugin server running on it, you want the plugin server to communicate directly with the same local AR System Server it is running on. In order to do this, you alias each plugin to a name that will resolve to the local IP of the server.




    Note: this is a unique use of the plugin alias functionality which is designed to alias the plugin name and not the server.  But it serves the purpose of avoiding a potential performance impact. The syntax and definition of the Server-Plugin-Alias parameter can be found in the BMC Remedy Action Request System Configuring guide. In this case, we are not aliasing the plugin name, but rather the server name, so the plugin name is listed twice in the syntax.




    The following is a working list of plugins and their corresponding plugin names as they appear in the ar.cfg file. The plugin name can be found in the arplugin.log file. If this log is enabled at the time the Remedy Action Request Server is started or restarted, it will show the name of each plugin that it loads. Note:  This list is subject to change. Customers can develop custom plugins and new product releases can also use plugins. In the case of the "libcmdbconsolefilterapi20.dll" plugin below, the default location is shown. This path may vary depending on where the application was installed.

      The order of this list of plugin dlls matches the order of the plugin names below.
      Plugin: arapprove.dll
    Plugin: WebService.dll
    Plugin: arealdap.dll
    Plugin: ardbcldap.dll
    Plugin: ardbcconf.dll
    Plugin: FlashboardObject.dll
    Plugin: ServerAdmin.dll
    Plugin: reportplugin.dll
    Plugin: "C:\Program Files\AR System Applications\<host name>\BMC Atrium CMDB\server\bin\libcmdbconsolefilterapi20.dll"
    Plugin: ardbcQuery.dll
    Plugin: arfcbdata.dll
    Plugin: caieventcmd.dll
    Plugin: omfobjiefilapi.dll
    Plugin: arfslasetup.dll
      Server-Plugin-Alias: ARSYS.ARDBC.PREVIEW ARSYS.ARDBC.PREVIEW <servername>:<port>
      Server-Plugin-Alias: ARSYS.ARF.WEBSERVICE ARSYS.ARF.WEBSERVICE <servername>:<port>
      Server-Plugin-Alias: AREA AREA <servername>:<port>
      Server-Plugin-Alias: ARSYS.ARDBC.LDAP ARSYS.ARDBC.LDAP <servername>:<port>
    Server-Plugin-Alias: ARSYS.ARDBC.CONFIGFILE ARSYS.ARDBC.CONFIGFILE <servername>:<port>
    Server-Plugin-Alias: ARSYS.ARDBC.REPORT ARSYS.ARDBC.REPORT <servername>:<port>
      Server-Plugin-Alias: BMC.ARF.CMDBCONSOLE BMC.ARF.CMDBCONSOLE <servername>:<port>
    Server-Plugin-Alias: REMEDY.ARDBC.APPQUERY REMEDY.ARDBC.APPQUERY <servername>:<port>
      Server-Plugin-Alias: REMEDY.ARF.CBDATA REMEDY.ARF.CBDATA <servername>:<port>
    Server-Plugin-Alias: REMEDY.ARF.CAI REMEDY.ARF.CAI <servername>:<port>
    Server-Plugin-Alias: REMEDY.ARF.OMFOBJIE REMEDY.ARF.OMFOBJIE <servername>:<port>
    Server-Plugin-Alias: REMEDY.ARF.SLASETUP REMEDY.ARF.SLASETUP <servername>:<port>
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