If an Approval configuration for Change Management is configured to move change request to pending status on rejection operation, then change gets stuck if the pending status is without a status reason

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    Remedy Change Management Application


    BMC Remedy Change Management Application









    1.       Approval Phase configuration for ‘-Global-’ with below status: Phase Name- Review


    a.       Begin Status : Request For Authorization


    b.      Approved Status : Request For Change


    c.       Rejected Status : Pending


                                                                   i.      Status reason  : NULL/Blank


    d.      No Approver Status : RFC




    2.       Create a CR and save it. R


    3.        Reopen it in the Draft status.


    4.       Push CR to RFA status, the approval phase ‘Reviewwill be activated and approval mapped will be generated.


    5.       Reject this approval, the signature will be rejected, but the CR status is still RFA status only.


    As per configuration the CR status should be set to ‘Pending’.


    a.       The CR should be in ‘Draft’ status and Approvals for Draft status should be generated.






    ITSM 8.0






    Legacy ID:KA385719


    The reported behavior is verified by our customer engineering team and confirmed that it is ‘Working as Design’








    The ‘Rejected’ status mapped to ‘Pending’ in the approval phase ‘Review - CMC'. It does not have any status reason setup for this.


    For a correct setup we need to have a NOT NULL status reason if we setup ‘Pending’ as a status value.








    Once you reject the last signature for this phase and CR stuck at the same status, please follow below steps to continue with the CR without cancel and restart of the entire CR:


    1.       Open the approval phase configuration screen


    2.       Query and Open the ‘Review ' approval phase, select a most relevant NOT NULL value for status reason field for ‘Rejected Status’.  Save changes. If you don’t have required permission for this, get it done from user who has required application permissions.


    3.       Open Change form, query and open this change request.


    4.       Add an Adhoc approval (may the yourself/Change Manager)


    5.       Reject the CR, now the newly added adhoc approval record will be rejected and CR status will be set to ‘Pending/Status Reason’, per approval configuration for this approval phase.


    6.       Continue with normal process and business flow per your/user need.

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