Data Wizard is stuck in Pending while performing a count or any update operation

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    Remedy IT Service Management Suite


    BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite



    I have followed the DMT documentation for troubleshooting the Data Wizard. This did not resolve the issue, the wizard is still stuck. When I try to perform a count or any update, the application does not process.


    BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite 7.6






    Legacy ID:KA369229


    This issue started after SRM was installed.

    To address this issue, we implemented KA288316 which didn't resolve the problem.

    We replaced the old caieventcmd.dll file with the new caieventcmd.dll file.

    After replacing,it resolved this issue.

    It might happend that while updating/Count,record will stuck in Assignmnet Engine form,If you face similar situation,then follow below mentioned step.

    open the form named "DLD:SYS:DataWizardProducts" and search for the one record where target object is "Assignment Engine forms", then set it to offline.

    After doing this start,the update/Count operation,it will run successfully.

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