Best Practice Using the BLCLI [Detailed]

Version 3
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    The goal of this document is to discuss the Best Practices for using the BladeLogic Command Line Interface, better known as the BLCLI.  In its present form, this document is intended to remain internal to BladeLogic Professional Services, as it will explore some aspects of the BLCLI functionality not yet completely available to our customers.  There is a trimmed-down version of this document available for our clients.


    We will begin with an introduction of the BLCLI, a discussion of why it is useful and how it works, and then will explain how to read the API documentation before moving on to more complicated concepts.  The paper continues to discuss cached credentials and the BLCLI server / proxy mode.  This paper next reviews possibilities for increasing execution speed of the BLCLI before making recommendations regarding production implementation.


    The next section provides an in depth look at how the BLCLI works, unreleased commands, session context, and command types.  This section also explains each section of a complex command, in detail, before explaining in detail a specific example command, SmartServerGroup createNewGroup.


    Finally, the appendices discuss usage details of the BLCLI.  Next, the paper looks at how to troubleshoot building BLCLI Complex commands, before finally explaining how to compile the API documentation for unreleased BLCLI commands.