CLM: VG creation failed: Mismatching number of nics found in VirtualGuest object and provisioned VM

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    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.x release or higher



    When requesting a new service for a provisioning, this new system is deployed, and BSA Update Server Properties (USP) job runs. Shortly after the USP job finishes, the following error occurs and the system gets rolled back and deleted:

    "VG creation failed: Mismatching number of nics found in VirtualGuest object and provisioned VM"




    Legacy ID:KA360572


    This error occurs if the number of Network cards BSA Update Server Properties (USP) job picks up is different than the number of network cards specified in the Service Blueprint.The following are the possible reasons,

    • One problem that can cause this is, a duplicate IP address, if the Blueprint Networks are set to assign a Static IP address.

    Ways to check:
    1. Once a target server is rolled back and deleted, re-run the job directly from BMC Server Automation (BSA) to provision the system. Now the system won't get rolled back and we can check the settings
    2. Browse the system from within BBSA and expand System Info - Network Adapter
    3. Does the number of NICs here correspond with the number specified in the Blueprint?
    4. If not check the VC (Virtual Center), confirm the number of Nics provisioned in the VM.
    5. If that is correct, log into the OS, check if it is complaining about duplicate IPs or shut down the system and see if the IP's assigned to the Network cards are still pingable (denoting some other system has the IP)

    To resolve make sure the IP addresses that get assigned to the Network cards are not used by any other system.



    • Another problem (If the network is getting its IP's from DHCP) is because the network is disconnected or is unable to receive a DHCP address. As case is based on dynamic ip addresses Windows will assign a junk ip (169.x.x.x) if it doesn't find a DHCP server but in the case of Linux, it will not put in a "junk" ip address.It is necessary that every nic should have an IP address. It will fail if the nic has no ip address.


    • Finally if the VM Template has been configured with more NICs than in the blueprint this will also cause the above error. Best practice is to have the VM template and VGP configured with only 1 NIC and the Blueprint to have 1 or more nics. When the system is provisioned the additional nics (if required) will be added. There is no way for CLM to remove cards during provisioning. 

    Note:  The problem can also be seen in case of Windows provisioning, on the templates which have IPV6 adapter enabled. CLM will provide the NIC information which is configured in the environment, however due to the presence of the additional IPV6 adapter, a mismatch can occur. In such cases, IPV6 adapters can be disabled on the template so that the cloned VM's also have the adapter disabled. In case the IPV6 adapter is still being reflected on running the ipconfig -all command, the adapter can be disabled by creating a registry value. There are many blogs which mention the necessary steps to create such a value on the desired version of Microsoft Windows, one of the blogs that could be referred is (for Windows 2012 servers)


    Contact BMC Customer Support ( for further assistance.

    Additional information: Refer to How to Videos - Cloud Lifecycle Management playlist created by BMC Customer Support

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