Notification for 'Request for Authorization' status is not getting send to Change Management application users even if admin user configure the notification event on 'Configure Change Rule' from record

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    Remedy Change Management Application


    BMC Remedy Change Management Application







    We have added one notification event under change configuration rules form for 'Request for Authorization' status however NO Notifications is going out to the change co-coordinator/ Manager when change request is moved to ‘Request for Authorization’ Status.




    Please provide more information on this configuration step






    ITSM 7.6.04






    Legacy ID:KA361357




    The configuration from the Configure change rule form is restricted to 'Request for Change, Planning In Progress, Scheduled for Approval, Canceled, Rejected, and Completed status only.




    Please note that even if user configures the new record for 'Request for Authorization' status on Configure change rule form, workflow would not send notification on this status.




    For your reference please find below screenshot with the highlighted text from the Notification Rule form.




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