Problem importing old service targets (SVTs) after SLM upgrade - performance collection nodes and SVTs

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    BMC Service Level Management


    BMC Service Level Management



      We upgraded SLM from Version 7.0.00 Patch  002 to Version 7.0.03. We tried to import old data in the new SLM, but the process failed. 
        - export old SVTs and agreements with the Export utility in the Application Administration Console and apparently everything went well 
        - import resulting .arx files in the new SLM with the Import utility. 
      The import operation actually took less then 1 second to complete without error, but nothing was imported for both SVTs and agreements. 




    Legacy ID:KA341995

      There is an issue with the way the new Collection Nodes are defined. For export / import to work for Performance SVTs, the Collection Nodes must have the same name, as the name is used as the key to make the needed associations. For every Collection Node on the export system, that has a SVT based on one or more of its KPIs that will be exported, there must be a Collection Node of the same type with the same name on the import system. 
      Depending on the case, it may be better to create SVTs and agreements from scratch instead of importing the old ones and adapt them to the new SLM/SIM configuration. 
      Alternatively, you can rename the Collection Nodes and performed just the SVTs import again. 
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