NSH Script: Set Reboot Status (moved)

Version 4

    NOTE: This script has been moved to the following page on Docs: https://docs.bmc.com/docs/x/S4IUB







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    This script, when run against a Windows server, will execute a 'reg query' against HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager and will check the registry for the PendingFileRenameOperations key.  Depending on the result, the script will set the NEEDS_REBOOT server property.


    When scheduled to run on a daily basis, you can create a Smart Server Group of all your Windows servers that need to be rebooted.


    NOTE: I have also attached the same script but for use with versions 7.x of Configuration Manager.  Be sure to download the correct version.


    Updated Mar 13, 2007 - Version 1.3 uploaded to include checks for other areas of the registry where Windows may set reboot state.