NSH Change Password Script

Version 2

    This script allows you to change passwords on ALL BladeLogic supported UNIX platforms. It allows you to specify whether or not to unlock an account after password changes, as well as whether or not to force the user to change passwords at next login.


    The script takes into account systems configured as trusted on AIX and HP-UX (TCB-enabled), and will reset password aging for user accounts on Linux and Solaris systems.


    It does NOT require the use or presence of perl to encrypt or generate passwords, and offers significant performance increases over previous password change scripts posted here.


    There is code available for Windows password changes, but at this time it has not been fully integrated in this script.


        • UPDATED 03/13/2008 ***

    Now included is 'change_user_passwd_winapp.nsh' which is to be use with a Windows application server.