Script to re-license unlicensed servers

Version 2

    This document contains two processes, one for 6.x, and one for 7.x.


    The 6.x process uses fix-unlicensed-servers.nsh, update-server-agent-status.nsh.


    For 7.x, there are separate "Push ACLs", and "Update Server Properties" jobs, so we can take advantage of these to facilitate the agent installation process.  The missing link, of course, is agent licensing.  Please find attached a license-unlicensed-servers.nsh script, a License Unlicensed containing an exported NSH Script Job to utilize it, and a License, update, and push ACLs to newly-imported batch job which wraps the licensing script, push acls, and server properties jobs into one. 


    You may need to change the order of these jobs, and run them as a user with administrative access already granted in users.local, but these Should Work.


    Please feel free to contact me at with any questions about these processes.