Sample NSH Pull Script (Log file collection)

Version 2

    In older versions, BladeLogic supported Pull Job functionality.  This document includes a sample NSH script generated by an older version of BladeLogic.  It runs a sync pull from remote servers to the remote server, so it only copies files if they differ in size and modification date (which will catch all append-only log files).  To use this NSH script to pull log files, do the following:


    1. Edit the script so that it references the proper file(s) you wish to pull from remote servers.


    2. Edit the script to place the files in the proper source directory on the pull server (and possibly in a location other than the application server).


    3. Add the script to the depot as an NSH script that uses runscript (the first option when specifying script type).


    4. Create a NSH script job that runs the script to collect the file(s) from the proper servers.  Schedule to run on a recurring basis.