BMC Middleware Management - Performance and Availability - Unable to connect with Config Manager to agent machine

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    If you are unable to connect with Config Manager to an agent, this KA could help to determine the cause of the issue.





    Legacy ID:KA410852


    1. Check if qpea and qpcfg are running on the agent box, any errors in the logs? (qpea.log and qpcfg.log files)

    2. Ping agent under the name defined in Config Manager from BMTM server and check if the IP resolved by DNS is really the IP of the box where the agent is running

    3. Check if qpea and qpmon are listening on their configured port by using netstat -an on the agent box.


    Is there an eaapi.ini in the agent folder where you set agent_listen_port= ? This will be a custom port of qpea , otherwise the default port is 2612.
    Have you changed the ServicePort for qpcfg in eaa.xml under WebSphere MQ Configuration stanza? (default is 6002)


    If qpea is not running on the default port 2612, the agent must be defined in Config Manager with the agent port like the example below where XXXX is the port number.



    4. Try to use telnet to connect on the agent box to the ports used by qpea and qpcfg , the session should become black if the agent or extension are listening


    example:  telnet hostname 2612


    On Windows 2008 and higher, telnet client is not installed by default, if it is not installed check with the system administrator to get telnet client installed or to get the preferred in-house tool.


    You can close the session with control-c or control-d

    4. Try to use telnet on the BMTM server to connect to qpea and qpmon. If you get any errors about timeout or unable to bind to, these are proof that a firewall is blocking the ports used by qpea and qpcfg.
    Both ports from qpea and qpcfg needs to be open


    With these steps, you verify if the agent is listening, if DNS is able to resolve the agent IP address and if there is no firewall blocking the agent configuration.


    If you are still unsure, send qpea.log and qpcfg.log to Support, along with the output ot the netstat and telnet commands.


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