BMC Middleware Management - Administration: Unable to import or export IBM WebSphere MQ objects on z/OS queue managers. MQRC 2033 may be encountered.

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    When importing objects into or exporting objects from an  IBM WebSphere MQ V7 or V8 queue manager on z/OS, an error message is encountered (MQRC 2033 MQRC_NO_MSG_AVAILABLE) and the import  or export fails.

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    BMC Middleware Management - Administration
    BMC TrueSight Middleware Administrator




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    BMC Middleware Administration 7.2.00.B and higher are using the PCF command MQCMD_INQUIRE_Q_NAMES for better control in term of security.  IBM has implemented a limit for the number of objects when using PCF MQCMD_INQUIRE_Q_NAMES command.


    Set the following parameter in configuration/wrapper.conf:


    Note, that the number ("22" in the above example) needs to be the next in sequence of the "" statements.

    Additional Information:

    More details about the behavior of MQCMD_INQUIRE_Q_NAMES can be found in APAR PM74467 from IBM Software. Note that, while the APAR refers to queues, the issue may also occur with other IBM WebSphere MQ objects types.

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