Extended Object: Check for .rhosts Files

Version 3

    The attached scripts check for the existence of .rhosts files in each of the user HOME directories on a server and return the data as an extended object. Once configured, the extended object can be used in browse, snapshot, and audit operations just like native server objects such as File System or Services.


    There are two versions of this script: rhosts.blq and rhosts2.blq. They both perform the same checks, but rhosts.blq will return information for all users, regardless of whether or not a .rhosts file was found for a given user. rhosts2.blq will only return data for users where a .rhosts file was found.


    To make the scripts work, place the file on the BladeLogic Application server and create an extended object with the following attributes:


    - Central Execution

    - Script: blquery ??HOST?? -E " is the fully-qualified path to the attachment on the Application Server.


    • This sample can also be found in the samples directory within the product distribution.