Unix Security Sensors

Version 2

    The attached files provide a variety of common Unix security checks. Examples of available sensors include checks for:

    - Duplicate UIDs in /etc/passwd

    - Invalid home directories

    - Unexpected login shells

    - Duplicate home directories in /etc/passwd

    - Unaged login password


    In all there are roughly 35 different sensors that work across all four of the supported Unix platforms (Solaris, Linux, HPUX, AIX).


    View the readme within the attach tar file for more detailed instructions on installation and configuration.


    NOTE: If you are using this toolkit with a version of the product prior to 6.2, you must download the attached "blsecscan". Starting with 6.2, we ship this utility (now called "scriptutil") with the installation, so you need only change the commands that reference "blsecscan" to now reference "scriptutil". Everything else should stay the same.