BLCLI - Update Agent Status

Version 2

    **NOTE* This script is no longer necessary in version 7.3, as the Update Server Properties Job now takes care of the Agent Status server property.*

    The attached script can be used to update the properties of an agent, which are stored in the BladeLogic core database. It can perform the same task of right-clicking on a server, selecting Properties, and clicking the Verify (lightning bolt) button.

    This is very helpful when you've upgraded all of your agents since agent properties (such as agent version) are not updated automatically. It can also help if the IP address of a server changes, the server becomes unavailable, or the license status changes.

    This script should be executed centrally at the app server level where you have your user_info.dat file stored.

    There are several parameters to add to this NSH script. Refer to the script for detailed information.

    I usually create two NSH Script Job instances of this script, based on the 'update' parameter. When set to TRUE, the script will update all properties for a server. When set to FALSE, only the agent status will be updated. Generally I will run the FALSE version nightly, and the TRUE version weekly.

    Here is an example parameters view: