Scan Properties for NULL Values and Optionally Update to ""

Version 2
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    The attached script will query properties on a set of servers and display their values. It will also optionally set the values to "" for servers where a value doesn't yet exist. This will enable you to have smart groups that include all servers based on a criteria, since smart server groups currently ignore servers whose property values are not set (if that property is used in the group criteria).


    The script can take a host file and a properties file as arguments. If not specified, the script will query all servers and properties in the role.


    Run "scan_properties.nsh -h" for help.


    NOTE: This script relies on custom BLCLI commands that have been developed by Professional Services. It assumes you have set up Server-PSAdditional.xml. If you do not have these custom commands, please contact support.


    It also assumes you have setup user_info.dat and only populates the servers that the role in user_info.dat can access.