In Remedyforce (SDoF) How to Link Multiple Tasks and/or Templates to Incidents.

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


    Is there a way of linking tasks to tickets. Some tickets might have multiple tasks link to it.


    1. Log into SDoF as an administrator.
    2. Click Configuration | Click Templates.
    3. Open an Existing or Create a new Template.
    4. In the Template for * field Select Incidents.
    5. Enter the template name and Description.
    6. Configure the For Use By (Everyone is the default)
    7. Select and Add the fields you want the template to populate
    8. Click Save | Click Ok.
    9. At the bottom of the form under Linked Templates Click the Actions icon (looks like a piece of paper with a gear in the top right corner)
    10. Select Add | Create a task | Click Save | Click Ok | Click the X in the upper right hand corner to close the task window.

    NOTE: Once OK is clicked to return to the Template Click the button in the toolbar under the Templates tab with the template name.

    11. Repeat Steps 9 and 10 until ALL required Tasks or existing Linked Templates have been added.
    12. Click Save | Click Ok | Close the Templates Tab.
    13. From Incidents Click New to Open and new Incident.

    NOTE: If no Incident tabs or quickviews are open Click Workspaces in the Navbar on the left | Click Incidents.

    14. On the Incident form in the Icon Bar Click the Template icon.
    15. Select the desired Template.
    16. Populate the required fields on the Incident form | Click Save | Click Ok.

    NOTE: If the Incident has tasks observe under Supporting Information the Tasks icon will become green with check mark.

    17. Under Supporting Information Click Tasks | Double Click the Task.
    18. Complete the Task | Change the Status to Closed | Click Save
    19. Once Directed back to the Incident form the next task will appear.

    NOTE: There is an RFC to see ALL existing tasks at once or be able to configure them to appear in a linear fashion as SDoF currently works.  To be attached to the RFC log a case with BMC Support requesting to be attached to RFC 4157.

    20. Repeat Steps 17 - 19 until all tasks have been completed.

    NOTE: To see the closed tasks Click the View icon in the Supporting information toolbar.

    21. Close the Incident.

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