Onboarding activity fails with error message "Unable to create users" in Smart Reporting 9.0 SP1

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    Remedy IT Service Management Suite


    BMC Remedy Smart Reporting 9.0 SP1


    Onboarding activity failed with error message "Unable to create users" in Smart Reporting 9.0 SP1


    There is failure during import contents due to SocketTimeout exception which resulted into the onboarding failure.


    Please follow the below steps to fix the issue -

    - We have fixed the issue and created a fix for same available as YellowfinService.class file
    - Follow both step A and B to fix the issue.

    A. Steps to resolve the SocketTimeOut exception during onboarding
    1. Please find the attched .class file from the attachement
    2. Go to SmartReporting\appserver\webapps\onboarding\WEB-INF\classes\com\bmc\inapp\reporting\yellowfin\config and backup the YellowfinService.class file
    3. Stop the reporting services, revert the BMCSmartReporting service Java heap size to default 2048 and 4096 (Open the command prompt, navigate to Smart Reporting Directory as below
    <SmartReportingInstallDir>\appserver\bin> tomcat7w.exe //ES//BMCSmartReporting
    4. Replace the attached file with the YellowfinService.class file from above location
    5. Delete the logs from the SmartReporting\appserver\log directory
    6. Start the reporting service

    B. Steps to resolve the user creation failure during onboarding
    7. Go to the AR User forms and make sure that the users has the Last Name , in case the last name is not available the user creation will fail which will subsequently results into the zero user creation
    8. Now start the Onboarding process

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