Restore procedure and data migration for SmartIT

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    Procedure to transfer SmartIT data/configuration between environment. 

    There are 2 use cases: 
    1. How to restore data/configuration on different server (e.g. refresh test system with production data).  For Remedy part there is a procedure from 8.1 version: Can you provide similar procedures for SmartIT? 

    2. How to migrate configuration between environments (e.g. configuration developed on dev to move to test and after validation to prod). 



      We only need to do whatever ITSM does (DDM, DB restore, whatever they do) to migrate ITSM data, then reinstall Smart IT and run onboarding,  
      They have to do onboarding anyway because they are touching the ITSM data, so really there is no extra steps involved here.  
    Also if you have done any configuration changes like adding custom fields in Smart IT then you need to do these steps again manually in All env as this cannot be migrated. 


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