Is it possible to install BMC TrueSight 10 SSO High availability components on the same servers where TSPS is also installed in an HA fashion?

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    TrueSight Operations Management


    BMC TrueSight Operations Management



    When installing TrueSight 10.0 components can I setup Atrium SSO in HA on the same servers where my TSPS HA servers are setup?




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    Yes, it is supported to install Atrium SSO and TSPS on the same server, either in HA or non-HA manner. 
    The components are meant to coexist on the same server. 
    Users can install all components on a single server provided the order of installation is followed. However, with the various integrations, we do recommend setting up a multi-server environment. 

    For more details on TrueSight architecture and installation planning, please visit our online documentation 


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