Configure Change rules-Default Performance Rating not defaulting in change request

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    Remedy Change Management Application


    BMC Remedy Change Management Application



    If I set up a default in the Configure Change Rules – “Default Performance Rating”, then when I open a change request (for specific Company that I just created the rule for), when I am closing the request, and the Change Closure window appears, I would expect the Performance Rating field to show the default that I have setup in my Change Rules.  HOWEVER, What I have found is, the default performance rating is only used, if there are task templates related with the change request.  Once the related task/tasks is/are closed, the performance rating value is populated into the Performance Rating field, on the Classification tab of the change. The change closure dialog is bypassed.


    Do you think that this behavior is correct?  Should default performance rating ONLY be set when task templates are involved? 


    I have also tested using a change template, and observed the same behavior as with a change request without using a change template.

      change management 7.0.02 patch 006 




    Legacy ID:KA290774

      From engineering:  The Default performance rating will only default to the Performance Rating field, in the change request, when the task subsystem is used. 
      There is only one filter, INT:CHGTMS:CRQ:EventReceiveLastChild_TaskComplete_SetPerRating, that calls this value from change request. 
      Run If: (('z1D_Task Event Code' = 100) AND ('TR.Change Request Status' = "Completed")) AND ('Performance Rating' = $NULL$) 
      Set Fields If: (('Company' = $Location Company$) OR ('Company' = "- Global -")) AND ('CHG Rule Status' = "Enabled") 
                Fields Set: 'Performance Rating' = $Performance Rating$ 
      So it looks like it’s only used when there is a Task Event Code. But when is the Task Event Code used? 
      Workflow starting with INT:CHGTMS would only get triggered if a change request has related tasks and/or task groups. The filter below is attempting to set a value in the Performance Rating if the last task is resulting in the change request being set to Completed. 
      However for all other cases (whether the Change requests has tasks/task groups or not) it would seem that this value is manually set by the person managing the change request.  The only reason that it is being set for this one case (TMS is setting change request to Completed) is because the field is require and an error would other occur.
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