Duplicate notifications being sent out from hotbackup server

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    Remedy AR System Server


    BMC Remedy AR System Server



      We configured and activated hot-backup server. Ticket creation and assignment notifications are being sent from both the production live server and the hot-back up server.  The entry for startup of Email Engine has been commented out from the armonitor.conf file for the hot backup server duplicate email messages continue to be sent out. 
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      If the ARSystem server in hot backup server environment is running on 'real time' copy of production database, the workflow that fires in production leading to creation of outgoing email notifications will also be in effect in hot backup server environment.  There is no option to disable workflow in hot backup server environment as it will be similar to attempt of disabling workflow for one ARSystem server that is running on the same database as another ARSystem server.  Disabling workflow for one ARSystem server will disable workflow for the other ARSystem server. 
      It is possible for the Assignment Engine to trigger workflow that will create outgoing email notifications.  When the Assignment Engine assigns an individual, notification workflow is triggered from the form where that assignment was made.  For example, if an incident gets assigned to an individual from Assignment Engine (the Assignment Engine modifies the incident record by assigning an individual), the notification workflow is triggered to create outgoing email notification.  This is in effect only for individual assignments.  The group assignments are not through Assignment Engine but rather through workflow entirely.  To prevent duplicate email notifications from being created, a single Assignment Engine should be running in environment where multiple ARSystem servers are sharing the same database. 
      In server group environment, each ARSystem server in that server group will  be sharing the same database.  The Assignment Engine is one of the server operations that can be configured to run on only one ARSystem server in that server group.  In the event of failure for the ARSystem server in server group environment that is running Assignment Engine, the server group functionality will result in Assignment Engine startup on another ARSystem server in that server group, depending on ranking form.  Please reference Configuring manual for additional information regarding setup of server group environment.
      In an environment where independent ARSystem servers are connecting and using the same database, it is necessary to manually restrict Assignment Engine to run on only one ARSystem server to prevent duplicate email notifications being created.  It is also necessary to manually restrict Email Engine to run on only one ARSystem server to prevent any possibility of the same email message being sent out more than once.  In the case of Email Engine, there is potential for duplicate emails being sent out if the polling cycles from the two separate Email Engines coincide.  If there is more than one Assignment Engine processing on the same database, however, the potential for duplicate emails being created exists and a single Email Engine will then send out two duplicate emails.


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