ADDM: Discovery of cloned VM's are skipped (have the same UUID and serial number)

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    BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping



    Symptoms: Two VM servers (saying A & B) have two distinct IP addresses. During the first scan, ADDM skips Server A (Reason: Optimized on Initial Scan) and infers Server B. During the second scan, ADDM skips Server B (Reason: Optimized on Initial Scan) with Inferred Node as Server A.


    A similar scenario is when discovery of some VM servers is "Skipped" on multiple IP's even though the server has only one IP.


    Applies To: BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping 9.x, 10.x




    Legacy ID:KA389115


    Cause: The affected VM's were apparently cloned with the same UUID and (therefore) the same serial number.  In this case, ADDM will think both the original and the clone are the same VM, and will collapse them into the same host. The other IP's are then skipped.


    Solution:  Make sure that VM's are generated with unique UUID

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