BMCATRIUM_NGIE000101 and BMCATRIUM_NGIE000204:Failed to connect to Atrium Integrator and Error getting data stores

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    BMC CMDB Suite


    BMC Atrium CMDB Suite



    Applies to Atrium Integrator 7.6.04, any SP


    After a fresh install of Atrium Integrator in a new environment, when we try to launch it, we receive the error: 'BMCATRIUM_NGIE000101: Failed to connect to Atrium Integrator.'


    Connection to Atrium Integrator Failed

    Connection returned false
    at com.bmc.atrium.lcds.ngie.NGIEService.checkPentahoConnectivity(
    .. ( continues )


    Then, when we try to access the Data Stores from the Integrator console, there is a second error, reporting: 'BMCATRIUM_NGIE000204: Error getting data stores.'


    The Atrium Integrator install was successful. No other errors reported.


    Jobs can be created and run from Spoon, as external client, but not from the Atrium Integrator console.




    Legacy ID:KA374910

    Steps to troubleshoot:
    1. Review the environment, make sure the carte server is up and running, this can be quickly verified by opening a web browser, and opening http://HostName:PortNumber ( where HostName is the host name of the computer where the Atrium Integrator server is installed, and PortNumber is the number displayed in the Port field of the NGIE:Config, the default is 20000 ). If you can login ( using cluster / cluster, as user and password ), then the carte server is up and running.
    3. Compare the connection details set on Spoon with the ones set in the NGIE:Config form.
    5. If all the above are correct, and still, the NGIE000101 and NGIE000204 errors persist, check the Tomcat's 'stdout' logs or run "sudo journalctl -u tomcat" on Linux server, for any error causes.
    7. If the error shown is of the type:
      Error occured while trying to connect to the database
      Error connecting to database: (using class net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver)
      Network error IOException: Connection timed out: connect

      Check for any firewall settings or connectivity issues between the server running Atrium Integrator and the Repository Database. This is not documented for Atrium Integrator 7.6.04, but it has to be able to connect to the Database on the port used ( for example: 1433 is the default for MS. SQL )

    The Atrium Integrator 8.0 release does not connect to the Database directly.

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