BMC Communities ID: Why You Want One and How to Obtain

Version 11
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    If you have yet to take advantage of access to the private TAP Portal, you may not realize the benefits of this information exchange and self-service device. Accessing the TAP Portal begins with a BMC Communities ID. If you don't already have yours, read on to learn how to apply for your ID. 

    The TAP Portal helps you connect with other developers in the TAP Community and the BMC Developer Network. As a TAP partner, you have special privileges and access to private forums and documents that are on the Portal. There are no restrictions on the number of participants from your company that can access the TAP Portal.

    Within the TAP Portal you can: Read articles that are not posted in the public area. Access often-requested information, such as how to administer your BMC Marketplace site. Read the latest blogs from BMC thought leaders. Ask a question. All this and more from the TAP Portal and BMC Communities.

    To establish an account:

    1. Go to the BMC Communities account request page.
    2. Type your company email address and click “Confirm address.”You must use your company email address, so that we can verify you for TAP Portal access.
    3. Look for an email from “forums@developer.bmc.comand click on the link in the email to confirm your email address.
    4. A Web page will open prompting you to create your account and profile.
    5. Click Create your account and profile” to open the registration form; complete all required fields on the “Registration: Create your account” screen.
    6. Then, to request access to the TAP Partner Portal, under Role,” choose “Partner.”
      Note: Access to the TAP Partner Portal is only provided to existing TAP members. If your request for access is approved and you are a current TAP member, access will be provided within 48 hours. Access to the TAP Partner Portal is not granted immediately upon registration to BMC Communities.
    7. After reading the site terms and conditions, and checking the box agreeing to the terms and conditions, click “Continue” at the end of the registration screen.
      Note: If the registration form re-displays, verify that you have completed all required fields correctly and that the last two sentences are marked “Yes.” Once you have completed all fields, again click “Continue” to resubmit your registration form.
    8. White list email from “” (i.e., place the email address on your list of accepted senders). The procedure for white listing varies by email software and service provider. For Outlook:
      a. Open the “Actions >Junk E-mail >Junk E-mail Options” menu.
      b. Select the “Safe Senders” tab, and click the “Add” button.
      c. Type@developer.bmc.comand click “OK” twice.
    9. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to click; a page will open stating that your account is active.
    10. Navigate to the TAP Partner Portal and login.