Synchronize Virtual Cluster fails with error "relationship endpoint instance does not exist"

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    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management



    Environment: BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 3.0.00

    We are unable to synchronize virtual server. Every time we try to trigger the sync its fails with following error:


    ERROR (9713): The attempted bulk entry transaction failed due to an error in one of the individual operations.; Operation 6 in bulk transaction failed\r\nERROR (120040): The relationship endpoint instance does not exist.; Rel(clsId:BMC.CORE:BMC_DEPENDENCY instId: IDGAA5V0HE1T0AMQTBEIBWFIOFJA5F can't be created. L-endpoint inst does not exist




    Legacy ID:KA400797


    1: Login to Cloud AR server using BMC Remedy User Tool or through MidTier

    2: Open BMC.CORE:BMC_ComputerSystem form in search mode

    a. Select Custom tab CloudClass = virtualhost
    b. Select General tab MarkAsDeleted = No
    c. Select DatasetId as BMC.Asset


    Perform a search on this form using above qualification

    3: Select every record and verify the relationship.

    4: Every record must contain Access relationship which is HOSTUSESWITCH relationship.

    5: If any of the record missing all the relationship' Then for that record under General tab set MarkAsDeleted = Yes and save the record.

    6: If any of the record missing only access relationship 'Then do not set MarkAsDeleted = Yes

    7: Once you perform all above steps Then login to Cloud AR through mid-tier

    8: Use below URL to access atrium core console through mid-tier


    9: Then go ahead and start below purge job (Cloud DB side )

    a. BMC Asset-Purge

    b. BMC CSM CDB DATA-purge

    10: Stop BMC CSM service over platform manager machine.

    11: Clear Platform Manager cache and start BMC CSM Service again.

    12 : Login to cloud portal and try synchronize virtual cluster.


    Contact Support if an issue still persists after following above steps.

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