BMC Remedy ITSM Suite Preconfigured Stack 8.0.00 installation hung with the Error message: "Cannot open backup device <EAR installed directory>\Utilities\ARSystem.bak. Operating system error 5(Access is denied.)"

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    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management



    Environmental Details: BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 3.0, Enterprise AR 8.0.00, remote MS SQL Database server


    Enterprise AR and MS SQL server machines are configured with Local Admin accounts. During the course of Installation of Enterprise AR, Install Planner throws an error message: "Please check the following for the remote database operation to be successful"


    bmcremedyitsmsuitepreconfiguredstack_install_log.txt (can be found in the Temp folder on the Enterprise AR) shows the following error:


    Sep xx 2012 12:33:46.918 PM -0700),SEVERE,com.bmc.install.product.bsm.arsuitekit.tasks.ARServerMSSQLManageDatabaseTask,
      THROWABLE EVENT {Description=[Failed to execute processDBVendorSqlFile ]},
      Throwable=[ Cannot open backup device '<EAR installed directory>\Utilities\ARSystem.bak'. Operating system error 5(Access is denied.).$StmtExecCmd.doExecute(
      com.bmc.install.product.bsm.arsuitekit.tasks.ARServerMSSQLManageDatabaseTask.execute( Source)]




    Legacy ID:KA379486


    This issue is observed only when Enterprise AR and the remote MS SQL server machines are configured with Local Admin accounts. To troubleshoot this issue, the following steps can be performed:


    1. User Account Control settings on EAR (Enterprise AR) and MS SQL server machines should be disabled.


    2. MS SQL services should be configured with the same Local Admin Account with which the MS SQL server Database machine is configured. Add the service account (i.e. the account with which MS SQL services are configured) to both the Database and Remedy server local Administrator group. Add sysadmin right to the service account from the SQL Server Management Studio.


    3. Login to SQL Server as a service account, ensure that this account has admin privileges on the data and log folder of the Database.


    4. Ensure that the SQL server service account is able to access \\<Enterprise AR installed Directory>\BMCRemedyITSMSuite folder from the Database server.

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