Troubleshooting Reconcilation Job Status of Aborted

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    BMC Atrium CMDB Suite


    BMC Atrium CMDB Suite




    Troubleshooting Reconcilation Jobs Aborting




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    Several things can cause a Reconcilation Job status to report as Aborted -


    1. If the Reconciliation Engine tries to start a job, and it finds that the job is already running, it will abort.  In some cases (but not always), you will see an error in the Job History console that indicates the following: ARERR 101008 The job is already running


    Check the following:


    - Open the Job History Console and make sure there is no record in 'Related Runs' table that have a 'Run Status' value of "Started"


      If there is already a record that has a status of Started, but the job is definately not running (for example, if the Reconciliation Engine was restarted), then login to Remedy User, open the form named "Reconcilation Job Runs" in a search mode, and click on the search button in the toolbar. Select the record where 'Run Status' = "Started" and choose Actions --> Delete from the menu. 


    - Verify there are not extra records in the Application Pending form that tell the Reconciliation Engine to Trigger the same job. This often happens when a job is started manually and the 'Start Job' button is clicked several times instead of just once.




    2. If there is a fundamental problem with the definition of the Job - such as an undefined dataset id - it will abort.


    Enable Reconcilation Engine logging, recreate the error and check the Job log for errors.


    3. Running out of memory or crashing can cause the job to abort.


    Check the following:


    - Did the process ID for arrecond executable change, indicating the process crashed or was restarted


    - Check the arerror.log file to find if there were problems with the ARServer or arrecond


    - Monitor the available memory on the system, and which processes are consuming large amounts of memory


    - Enable Reconciliation Engine logs that captures the problem


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