Understanding Resolution Categories

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    Remedy Service Desk Application


    BMC Remedy Service Desk Application




    We are configuring our new ITSM V7 but cannot find any document on where or how we can configure the Resolution categories (Tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3).





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    Resolution tab is used to fill the information about the incident resolution. It is has Resolution Categorization and Resolution Product Categorization. All of the data in this menu comes from the Operational Category and Product Category based on company. There is no separate form to store this information. This is based on the Incident Classification value you set in Incident Classification (on classification tab of incident).  That value get updated to Resolution category. And there are other ways to update this Resolution category.


    Such as: 


    1) In Incident Template you can set Resolution category - if you used that Incident Template while creating the Incident, then this category will be set automatically.


    2) If you used the Process Flow navigation menu for moving the Incident to Resolution and Recovery status, then in the popup dialog box, you have option to fill in the Resolution Categorization and Resolution Product Categorization.


    3) If you have CI's associated with the Incident in the relationship tab, then you can select the CI's and in Quick Action you can pull up the Resolution category by "Get CI Resolution Product Cat." -> Execute.


    Conclusion - out of box application does not require to set Resolution Category . This all is based on the product categorization.

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