How to Join TAP

Version 5

    BMC Software welcomes technology providers to consider membership in BMC TAP.  In order to be considered for TAP, please follow these steps:


    1. When completing your application, be sure to complete all required entries and include sufficient details concerning your proposed integration or complementary product idea.
    2. After submitting your application for review, please allow 5 business days to receive an email status on your application.
    3. A cross-functional team within BMC will review each application and determine the business synergies relating to the proposed alliance.
    4. During the application review process, additional information required to process your application may be requested through an email.  Please provide this information as quickly as possible so the application review process can continue without interruption.
    5. Upon acceptance into TAP, you will receive an email that provides post-acceptance instructions and includes the TAP Agreement for your review and signature.  The TAP Agreement is a PDF-formatted document with standard terms and straightforward language designed for prompt review and acceptance.
    6. After you receive the acceptance email, a TAP program manager will contact you to discuss the benefits provided to TAP members, and to address any issues or questions you may have about TAP or the TAP Agreement.
    7. Within approximately 5 business days after you have signed and returned the TAP Agreement, you will receive a 'welcome' email with instructions on how to access TAP benefits.