The BMC ISV application process

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    Joining as a BMC ISV


    BMC Software encourages technology providers to apply for membership in the BMC ISV Program. To be considered for ISV, follow these steps:


    1. Complete all questions, and include sufficient details concerning your proposed integration or complementary product idea.
    Please note that your application cannot be processed if you do not provide sufficient detail.

    The Application Process


    After submitting your application for review, please allow a minimum of seven business days to receive a preliminary email status on your application or a request for more information. After you complete your application, the process continues as follows:


    1. A cross-functional team within BMC reviews your application and determines the business synergies relating to the proposed alliance.
    2. During the application review process, additional information required to process your application may be requested through an email. Please provide this information as quickly as possible so that the application review process can continue without interruption.
    3. Upon acceptance as an ISV, you will receive an email that provides post-acceptance instructions and includes the ISV Agreement for your review and signature. The ISV Agreement includes both a click-through agreement as well as a PDF-formatted MOF (Member Order Form) with standard terms and straightforward language designed for prompt review and acceptance.
    4. After you receive the acceptance email, a ISV program manager contacts you to discuss the benefits provided to ISV members and to address any issues or questions you may have about the ISV program.
    5. Within approximately five business days after you have signed and returned the ISV Agreement, you receive an invoice for the ISV program. Within a few days of receiving the invoice, you receive a welcome email with instructions on accessing ISV benefits including software and licenses.


    Typical Application Timeline

    View the chart below to understand a typical application timeline (given in business days).

    Please note that application timelines can be extended by a month or more if more information is required.


    StepDescriptionStep timeElapsed time (average)Elapsed time (extended)
    Complete ISV applicationComplete the ISV application linked above in Step 1.0.5 hours0.5 hours0.5 hours
    Receive ISV application status and preliminary approval emailYou receive notification of preliminary approval or rejection. If approved, you receive a copy of the ISV Agreement and a high-level summary of the program. This process can be extended up to one month if additional information is required.7-30 days7 days30 days
    Review ISV Agreement and programYou and your legal team review the ISV Agreement and program. A member of the ISV team contacts you to answer questions.3-5 days*10 days*35 days*
    Sign ISV AgreementYou sign and return the ISV Agreement to We countersign within two business days.2 days12 days37 days
    On-boardingWe create the necessary accounts for you to access your ISV benefits.5 days17 days42 days
    Invoice and welcome letterYou are now in the program. You receive an invoice for the program followed a few days later by a welcome letter informing you of how to access all of your ISV benefits....17 days42 days


    * Dependent on your review time