Troubleshooting Installation Issues with BladeLogic Integration to CMDB

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    BMC Cloud Extension Pack



      This article covers how to diagnose install problems with the BladeLogic integration with Atrium (BL2Atrium).
      BMC BladeLogic Autiomation for Servers (version 8.0.00) 




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    The BL2Atrium install process make required modifications to BBSA, BDSSA, AIE and Atrium Core.  One enters a number of values into the BL2Atrium installer and it will perform a limited set of input validation.  Once all inputs have been received the installer attempts to modify each component.  All install steps are captured in:


    C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BL2AI\<version>\install.log




    This log will be the first place to look to capture and review details of any failed install step.  This install.log details high level errors and may direct the user to an additional log for more specific install details for analysis.




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