There are duplicate SLM milestone notifications being sent.

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    BMC Service Level Management


    BMC Service Level Management



    There are entries on the Notifications Audit tab of the Incident Audit Log showing duplicate milestones being sent for each milestone and users are reporting duplicate emails being sent for the same milestone action.








    Legacy ID:KA325961

      1) verify the entries to SLM:EventSchedule form at the time a service target attaches and confirm a single entry for each milestone action 
              The entries for service target milestone actions in the SLM:EventSchedule form can be identified by first searching SLM:Measurement form using as search criteria the value of Incident ID*+ from the incident record as value of the ApplicationUserFriendlyID field.  Use the Reference ID field (MISC tab, right side) value from the SLM:Measurement record as search criteria of the Reference Request ID field (lower left) field on the SLM:EventSchedule form.  There should be one SLM:Measurement record for each service target attached to the incident and multiple SLM:EventSchedule records for each SLM:Measurement record.  The milestone notification entries in SLM:EventSchedule will be identified by the value of SLM Action Title field which will correspond to the value of the title on the Milestones tab of the service target. 
      2) verify that there is unique value for SLA_Time Scheduled field for each milestone; a true duplication of a milestone will be duplicate entries for the same milestone action for the same service target at the same time 
      3) verify that the number of escalation threads configured for the ARSystem server are adequate to support the number of escalation pools configured 
      4) verify the SLM:EventSchedule:TAD_PollingEscalation escalation is configured and is running in its own escalation pool 
      5) verify that the interval for the SLM:EventSchedule:TAD_PollingEscalation escalation will not span the scheduled time for two or more milestone actions 
               The out-of-box configuration for this escalation is an interval execution time of five minutes.  In a heavy production environment, modifying the escalation to run every minute can resolve timing issues for several actions that are performed by escalation workflow.  
      6) ensuring that escalations are running on only one ARServer in server group environment or in environment where more than one ARServer is connecting to the same database 
      It may be necessary to restart ARServer, depending on the changes made to ensure that the above recommendations are implemented. 
      If duplicate milestone notifications are still being reported after making necessary changes to ensure that the above recommendations are implemented and there has been restart of ARServer (all ARSystem servers connecting to the database), report the problem to technical support and include the following information: 
      - which service targets are sending duplication milestone notifications? 
      - are any of the milestones configured as repeat milestone actions? 
      - is the problem with group notifications or individual notifications or both?  if these are group notifications, are all users in the group receiving duplicate notifications? 
      - what are the milestone notification actions defined for service targets in this environment? 
               Sending the output to the following database queries will verify SLM milestone notification filters and status of the service targets related to those filters:  
                select name from filter where name like '%_BR`!' 
                set linesize 1000  
              column SLMId format A8  
              column Title format A50  
              select SLMId, Title, Status, SLMStatus from SLM_ServiceTarget; 
                column value format A25 
                select fieldId, enumId, value from field_enum_values   
                  where schemaid = (select schemaid from arschema where name = 'SLM:ServiceTarget') and fieldId in (7, 300314900); 
      - generate API, SQL, Filter and Escalation logging from the time a service target attaches to an incident through the time of duplicate notification and send these log files as attachments when reporting the problem and identify the name of the relevant service target and the incident number to which that service target attached 
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