BMC Software Trademark Usage and Integrated Product Naming Guidelines.

Version 9
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    BMC Software trademarks are valuable corporate assets. Trademarks must be used properly and consistently to maintain legal protection. This guide will assist you in proper use of BMC Software's trademarks. As a partner, vendor or reseller program participant, you should periodically review your web pages and marketing collateral and correct any inaccuracies.


    Proper Trademark Usage


    Partners may not communicate using the BMC logo or other brand identity elements.


    Use trademark symbols ® and ™ in accordance with the BMC Software Master List of Trademarks and Product Names at Trademarks - BMC Software. The proper symbol should be displayed on the first or most prominent reference of the trademark. Then it is not necessary to use the symbol again in the body of the text. Do not change the casing, spacing or spelling of trademarks. Do not abbreviate trademarks in an unauthorized manner.


    A trademark must be used as a proper adjective modifying the generic name of a product or service. You must use a generic term in association with each trademark the first time the mark appears in text, and as often as possible after that. It is not necessary to include generic names in package titles and documentation titles. Do not use trademarks in the possessive or plural form.


    Third-party products should be distinguished from BMC Software products by inserting the word "for" between product names.  To propose a combined name for an integration, please see this page: How to Obtain TAP Product Naming Approval


    The full company name, "BMC Software, Inc." or "BMC Software", must always be used. Do not abbreviate the company name as "BMC."


    For any communication that uses a BMC Software trademark, the following BMC Trademark Attribution Statement should be used:


    BMC, BMC Software, the BMC logo, and the BMC Software logo, and all other BMC Software product and service names are owned by BMC Software, Inc. and are registered or pending registration in the US Patent and Trademark Office or in the trademark offices of other countries.



    The BMC Software corporate name, product names and logos may not be featured larger or more prominently than those of its partners.


    Third-parties must not use the trademarks in such a manner as to disparage BMC Software, or to deceive the viewer regarding the nature of the relationship between BMC Software and the third-party.


    Third-party communications regarding BMC Software products must clearly and unambiguously state that the products are owned by BMC Software, Inc.

    If you have additional questions, please contact .


    BMC Software reserves the right to review and amend any third-party materials that use a BMC Software trademark or logo.