DSO between ITSM AR and Cloud AR is not working

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    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management



    DSO between ITSM AR and Cloud AR is not working. Entries from ardist.log.default log on ITSM AR shows the below:

    <DIST> Processing item number 14 (Thu Jul 07 2011 12:38:15.6888)
    <DIST> Pending Type -- 1
    <DIST> Source Form -- User
    <DIST> Source ID -- 000000000001282
    <DIST> Pending Other --
    <DIST> -m "CSM:DSO:User"
    <DIST> Get source schema definition (stage 2)
    <DIST> Using EXISTING cache definition for User (clm-itsm)
    <DIST> Get entry details (stage 3)
    <DIST> Get mapping details (stage 4)
    <DIST> Filter-specified mapping -- CSM:DSO:User
    <DIST> Mapping CSM:DSO:User retrieved from cache
    <DIST> Replacing logical name (DESTINATION-SERVER) with physical name (clm-cloudar)
    <DIST> Mapping name -- CSM:DSO:User
    <DIST> Target form -- User
    <DIST> Target server -- clm-cloudar
    <DIST> Perform final checks (stage 5)
    <DIST> Get target schema definition (stage 6)
    <DIST> ** WARNING ** Access problem trying to get target form definition, retry later... (Thu Jul 07 2011 12:38:45.7046)
    <DIST> Sleeping for 23:15 minutes (Thu Jul 07 2011 12:38:45.7047)




    Legacy ID:KA351774


    The above error occurs if there is an issue with the network connectivity between ITSM, Cloud AR servers. Please verify the connectivity between both ITSM and Cloud AR Servers. Both of the servers should resolve to each other with the hostname, FQDN and IP etc. Also make sure that Port numbers of the respective AR servers are valid.

    In the above scenario the issue was caused due to incorrect Cloud AR Server port and a missing DSO target connection. Check the /opt/bmc/ARsystem/conf/ar.conf for Cloud AR & Enterprise AR servers for the below 3 parameters.



    In the above scenario it was found that the Cloud AR server was not registered with port mapper and it is running on port # 46262. i.e,


    Register-With-Portmapper: F
    TCD-Specific-Port: 46262


    Entry from ar.conf on ITSM AR:

    Register-With-Portmapper: T
    TCD-Specific-Port: 0


    Also, the entry 'DSO-Target-Connection' was missing in the ar.conf file of ITSM AR. After adding the below line to the ar.conf file on ITSM AR to match with the TCD-Specific-Port property of Cloud AR, DSO worked fine. i.e,


    DSO-Target-Connection: clm-cloudar:0 46262

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