VM Provisioning error: Could not get Compute pool from Advisor.

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    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management



    Environment: BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 3.x


    We are trying to provision a VM but we get the following error: VM Provisioning error: "Could not get Compute pool from Advisor."




    Legacy ID:KA413688


    Check if DRS is enable for onboarded CLUSTER.


    If you would like to place VMs on DRS-enabled clusters, make sure to setup Compute Pools of VirtualClusters. If you would like to place VMs on non-DRS clusters, make sure to setup your Compute Pools of VirtualHosts or VirtualResourcePools.


    Check the required user privileges for vCenter:




    The above documentation is also valid for BMC CLM 3.x.


    Contact Support if an issue still persists.

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