Functional differences between Company Types in ITSM Applications

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    Remedy IT Service Management Suite


    BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite



      BMC Remedy ITSM Suite (7.0.3, 7.5.01, 7.6.00) 
      OS:ALL; DB:ALL 




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      BMC Remedy ITSM Suite (7.0.3, 7.5.01, 7.6.00) 
      OS:ALL; DB:ALL 
      BMC Remedy ITSM Suite supports different types of companies. The following company types are available:

             Customer - An external company for which you provide services.


             Operating Company - An internal company or business unit for which you provide services.


             Generic Contact � A company that you want to reference on the People form. A generic contact is used to track information about people for informational purposes. You cannot select a generic contact from within the ITSM applications.


             Manufacturer � A company that manufacturers a product identified in the Product Catalog.


             Vendor - A third-party vendor that provides services for you.




    Note - People cannot be associated with Manufacturer type of company.




    The following Company Types can have Support Groups associated to them and people can be related to these Support Groups:




             Operating Company






    To access core BMC Remedy ITSM forms, for example, Incident, Change, Problem or Asset forms, users must be members of a Support Group. So all companies that are of a type defined for a Support Group have access to the BMC Remedy ITSM forms. There are certain exceptions. For example, a user belonging to a Vendor company or support group cannot create a change or release, but can be assigned to work on the change either as a Change or Release Coordinator or a Change or Release Manager.




    A company may qualify to be more than one type. After the company has been created, you can add the additional company type.




    To add an additional company type to an existing company:


    1.     From the Application Administration Console, select the company from Configuration for Company.


    2.     Click View to open the Company form.


    3.     On the Company form, select a company type from the Type list.
    The additional company type is appended to the existing company type.


    4.     Click Save to save your changes.




    To understand each type of company better, let�s take an example of Calbro Services. 




    Calbro Services  has an IT department that provides support for all employees of Calbro Services and Company A. Calbro Services is the Operating Company, since some of the employees of Calbro Services are support staff.




    Since Company A receives support from the IT department, Company A is a Customer type of company.




    A Manufacturer company is specified in the Product Catalog and is a company that manufactures a software that is used by Calbro Services. A company that supplies this product to Calbro Services is a Supplier company. Both Manufacturer and Supplier companies are external entities. They do not have access to any of the ITSM systems.




    For example, if Calbro uses Microsoft Word, Microsoft is the manufacturer. A company that supplies Microsoft Word licenses to Calbro services, is a Supplier. The distinction between a manufacturer and supplier is crucial for Software License Management and therefore important for the Asset Management System.




    If Company A requires support for a particular service that Calbro Services obtains from Company C, company C is a vendor type of company. A vendor company has access to Incident Management and Problem Management systems to report Incidents or Problems.




    Customers or requesters identified within ITSM are related to Customer or Operating Company types. Support staff, for example assignees, are related to either Customer, Operating Company or Vendor company types.

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