Atrium CMDB - Getting an ERROR 120531 during Normalization Jobs (Batch mode)

Version 7
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    You may see the following Normalization Engine ERROR (120531): Categorizations are not valid (120531 Categorizations are not valid. An error occurred because the categorization information is not valid.)

    If you run the Normalization Engine (NE) for the first time and the product catalog information is incomplete on the CI records (manufacturer name was missing).
    After correcting the processor records and running NE again, no product catalog entires will be created for CIs and "ERROR (120531): Categorizations are not valid" will be still seen in the log files. 
    Other classes may run through the NE without any problems, but some of the products will not. For example the Processor CI.


    Sample of log:
    Dec 07 2011 18:50:46.272 ERROR ( ?:? ) - <TID: 000000050> : Error while normalizing the instance id <OI-ACBCC5D1368F4FBFB608495FDFA23902> of class <BMC.CORE:BMC_Processor>. ERROR (120531): Categorizations are not valid.




    Legacy ID:KA363607


    The problem is twofold. One part is that the Normalization feature follows the NE Rules where a dataset can be set to "Allow New Products Catalog entry" or "Allow Unapproved CI". These two options mean the following: 


    Allow new Product Catalog entry - If a new product is imported or created in THIS dataset, then  add this product to the Product Catalog on Submit.


    Allow Unapproved CI - If a product model is not found in the PCT or an Alias Mapping, or if the Category, Type, Item (CTI) values don't match then still allow the CI record to be saved. (In essence this is the equivalent of the legacy term of "trusted dataset")


    Usually when you set any of the values like Model, Manufacturer to to BMC_UNKNOWN as long as the other Product Category Types are filled in, then there should be no issue. Please make sure none of them are NULL or that the value is found. The dataset configuration where the "Allow new Product Catalog entry" is not enabled will prevent the CI record to be saved because of the background workflow validation of the CTI values. This is "works as designed" because the goal here is to Normalize the products to something valid and as expected by the industry. Otherwise you have to create product in PC with following values:

    Model: BMC_UNKNOWN

    Manufacturer: BMC_UNKNOWN

    But these types of values don't make much sence in Production as we would expect the Model to have real values. Therefore BMC.ASSET should never allow for such product creation. The BMC_UKNOWN should be searched for and found only in staging datasets where the products can be normalized properly before actually being merged into the golden dataset (BMC.ASSET).


    Categorization: BMC_Product (or any other class). There should be one for each class.

    If you bypass this design and allow new Product creation then you will have to deal with long term impact where the clean up of the CIs with  BMC_UNKOWN or any other invalid value, then the normalization will be success, but that type of result is only temporary victory. Long term impact could include masive clean up invalid data in the Product Catalog.

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