Atrium CMDB - Promote button is grayed out in the Explorer console, unable to promote changes from Sandbox.

Version 4
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    BMC CMDB Suite


    BMC Atrium CMDB Suite



    AtriumCore Explorer 7.5.0 and later. Any platform.


    This issue may present when a user edits a change to a CI in its Sandbox, and exits the Explorer without saving the view, or discarding changes done.


    On a next session, the promote button shows as grayed out, and unusable.


    Or else, as soon as you open the User's sandbox view, you may see a clocking message that there is a Promotion in process, and it does not complete.




    Legacy ID:KA371688


    While the CI's dragged into the Sandbox area remain unchanged ( and/or no Relationships are created or modified ) they are only present in the Sandbox View.


    When you edit to modify the CI, is moved into its Sandbox Dataset temporarily.


    If, for any reason, the user exits without saving the View, or discarding the changes, the CI's involved will remain in the Sandbox Dataset (which is an overlay of BMC.ASSET).


    You can verify this by opening the Promotion Preview Dialog box, and you will see the 'un-promoted' CIs listed on the left pane



    Steps to clear out this condition:
    • Run a search in the top hierarchy classes forms: BMC.CORE:BMC_BaseElement and BMC.CORE:BMC_BaseRelationship selecting the Sandbox name ( Sandbox for <User> ) in 'DatasetID' field. ( you may want to note the CIs listed here ), and delete all entries.
    • For the message 'Promotion in Progress', search the 'Reconciliation Job Runs' form, by statuses as 'Aborted', 'Failed', 'Cancelled' and 'Queued', and delete the entries.

    Open the Explorer's Sandbox view for the User, and validate.


    For more information, please review Chapter 3 Working with instances, on page 85, 'Using the Sandbox view and dataset', and on page 96, 'Editing instances' of the AtriumCore User's guide.

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