IT Service Management:Support Group Email notifications are not sent to all members

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    When an incident is assigned to a Support Group , As per the OOB functionality email should be sent to all members of the group. 

    Support Group notification is configured here:
    As per the "NTE:CFG-Notification Events" From ,when we modified the below record then Email was sent to all members.

    Notification Event Type = System Default
    Module Name = Incident
    Notification Event = Assignment
    Remedy Notification Method = (None, Alert or Email)



    As design



    Group notification was working because of the below configuration in the CTM:Support Group Form.

    - Configure Group Email DL in Group Notification Settings
    - Disable Group Notifications set to No.
    User-added image

    This is as designed behavior.
     If you add a group email address on the Support Group tab (Group Notification settings tab on the right side) of the 'Support Group' form you will have a different behavior.

      If you add en email address in Group Notification settings tab, notifications will be sent to that email address and members of Support Group are not going to receive the notifications. 

    If you remove the email address from Group Notification settings tab, Support Group members will reveive notifications again.  


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