Remedy Restore Tool Version 3.8

Version 52
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    this is a little side project I have been working on to help automate some of the settings and references that are required to be updated after a DB restore to a Pre-Production/Test/Development/etc environment. This came out of a customer suggestion.


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    Product Description:


    Download Link:


    Note:  You will need to register to gain access to the downloads page, this was done due the growing number of "bots" or hacking scripts that have been attacking my site.  The product is still free and your email will not be sold or passed on to a third party.




    ** Please Note:  Registration to my site is now closed (contact me privately if you require registration).

    This is due to the number of hacking attempts on my site, and my ability to maintain the overheads associated with these hacking attempts and to support my products, this application moving forward is now a paid for application (a small fee).

    All previous versions are still valid with the current with the latest versions of Remedy/ITSM, however there maybe references in the later versions that need to be updated manually **



    Version 3.8 is the last version that I am offering free of charge for this product and has now been removed, and all associated download links have now been removed from my site.

    If you happen to have a copy of this version, great.


    Any new version released will require a small subscription fee due to the overheads required to maintain this application plus how far it has morphed from the "original" intentions of what it was designed for.


    Sorry for the inconvenience this may result in, but the "small fee" provides updates moving forward and is a "one off cost".




    *** Update 02/01/2017:


    New Version available with new features and minor bug fixes.


    *** Please let me know if there are any issues ***


    MPS Remedy Restore Tool Version 3.8



    > "SRM:AppTemplateFlow" - removed from Purge which previously led to broken SRD's



    > Configuration Wizard

    > Direct SQL Tab - ** Use with extreme care **



    MPS Remedy Restore Tool Version 3.7



    > Purge Data Tab not shown when selection made



    MPS Remedy Restore Tool Version 3.6



    > Configuration Options now Saved to File (Pro Version)

    > Ability to Log to File.

    > Start the application from command line (Pro Version) using "-Silent" switch to run to completion using a configuration option (Environment)

    e.g. RemedyRestoreTool.exe Silent Development.



    > "AIS:GlobalPreferences" - corrected to use Server Name not LB Name

    > "SRS:CFGAdvancedInterface" - removed update to Server Name

    > "RKM:SRMViewHistory" - corrected references to utilise Load Balancer information



    MPS Remedy Restore Tool Version 3.5



    > Bug in Atrium Integrator v.8 routine - crashed out before finishing updates.



    MPS Remedy Restore Tool Version 3.4



    > Added "Maximum Entries" configuration item - used to set the limit on record

    > updates to certain forms e.g. Reports, AR System Search Preferences




    This has been tested on a Windows environment only so not sure of results to other OS's, but please feel free to attempt and let me know the results (send to email address in readme).

    This uses the .NET ARAPI7.5 and requires a minimum of V4.x of the Microsoft .NET framework to be installed.

    This can be run remotely to the machine if the server name can be reached over a network, although the Email Service may not be stopped due to privileges.