Can user other than the Broadcast Submitter cancel Broadcast Messages

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    Remedy Service Desk Application


    BMC Remedy Service Desk Application


    BMC Remedy Service Desk Application (version 7.5.00)

      ITSM 7.X 




    Legacy ID:KA320186


    How to understand how someone other than the submitter of a broadcast message can cancel the message; can this be done?
    Several users setup with the Support Function Role for Broadcast Messages but currently only the submitter can cancel the message; how do I make it so that others can cancel someone's message?




    It is not possible. As Design only the Broadcast Submitter of the broadcast can cancel his BroadcastLog in as Admin create a Broadcast


    Log in as another person try to Delete the Broadcast


    You do not have permission to delete the selected broadcast. (ARERR 48209)


    The preceding message occurred during the execution of active link CFG:BRS:DeleteBroadcast_160_NoPermission -- action 1. (ARNOTE 1101)







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